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Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) encompasses the processes, governance, tools and standards that are involved in centralizing any amount of non-transactional data into one system. This creates only one master copy of the data item which is then synchronized to all applications using the data. The mastered data can include reference data as well as analytical data.

Master Data Management tools supports MDM by standardizing the data, removing duplicates and incorporating rules and best practices to eliminate incorrect data from entering the system. Data Governance involves defining how the data should look and identifying errors and Data Stewardship involves understanding the data from the business side and correcting errors.

Pacific ERP uses Talend that enables built-in data integration, data quality and data stewardship enables easier maintenance of real time data as well as data lineage and history for audit purposes.

Talend MDM unifies any amount of data – from customers to products to suppliers and beyond – into a single, actionable “version of the truth”.

The centralized data point of reference enables our clients to create and share standardized data information across platforms and enables them to master data into insights and actions in a significantly shorter amount of time.

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