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Loading time and it's effect on a companies bottom line

It's no secret that loading time on a web page has a direct effect on user experience and that this can strongly influence the conversion rate of a website. Loading time is also a major contributing factor to abandonment rate. Unfortunately, many companies overlook how loading time may be affecting the way users are engaging with their website.

The above infographic illustrates that a slower loading time results in an increased abandonment rate. The length of time it takes to load webpages on a website also effects how long a user will stay on your site.

Whether it's a Gaming or any other type of e-commerce site, the longer the user stays on it, the more likely they are to make purchases.

So how can Data Analytics help a company track and address loading times? Pacific ERP provides specialized analytic and system integration services that can be customized to your companies needs and help your company make informed Business Intelligence decisions.

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