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Conversion Rates

Conversion in the World of Gaming

A multitude of factors play a role in increasing conversions for a gaming site. Various factors such as demographics, device type, subscription type, game type, membership vs. free-play help drive conversion. Other aspects that influence conversion include the game's audience, in game purchase options, effective targeted marketing, advertisements and Click Through Rate (CTR).

Conversion Rate: A conversion rate is used to calculate the effectiveness of a specific option resulting in specific goals. In some cases, websites may send out emails with links to blogs, and the conversion goal is to get the email recipients to sign up for the blog and increase traffic to the website. In the world of gaming conversion rate typically refers to how well a game is monetizing.

For example: The total number of people who visited a Gaming site divided by the number of those visitors who actually signed up for a paid subscription would be equal to the conversion rate.

One way to drive traffic to a gaming site is through paid advertisement. The number of players who click on an ad and actually visit the gaming site is the Click Through Rate (CTR). The higher a CTR the higher the chance of conversions.

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