Pacific Data is a technology company with a special focus on providing value from Data to Businesses. Our expertise is in addressing and providing solutions to  specific challenges faced by many  companies which is to find a way to control the explosive growth of data that they are experiencing and how  to make  sense of the fast moving data landscape. We use various cloud solutions including Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse as well as Data pipeline, Glue and Talend to  create a consolidated data platform. Improved and customized integration services allows for more accurate data collection and hence better reporting and effective Business Intelligence.


We have completed many successful projects and assisted our clients deploy their own custom data and analytics platforms. Our 24 by 7 support model allows our clients to be worry free from the daily demands of keeping up with the inflow of data and they can focus on their core business. 


Pacific Methodology

The lifecylce of any project for us starts with a discovery phase ( typical duration 2 weeks) where we study the exact challenges faced by our clients and do a situation analysis. Based on this discovery engagement, we suggest the next steps. Once the project is kicked off the first phase is a requirements gathering period where we do a thorough study and document the client's requirements both technical as well as Business and create a plan for the next steps. Once we have a very clear common understanding on the scope between the entire project team and all the stakeholders, we proceed to the next stages which are design, development, testing and deployment. Our holistic project management provides support from the beginning untill the end of the entire process. We utilize an agile methodology because they are adaptable and well suited for the constantly changing landscape. 


Data Quality

Data Quality involves standardization and enrichment of data and is essential to the reliability of the data analytics that drives effective business intelligence decisions. Data quality encompasses the accuracy, completeness, consistency across data sources and relevance of data. Data quality is effected by the way data is entered, stored and managed.  Specific requirements must be defined for cleaning and standardizing the data. Rules are established for certifying the quality of the data and these rules are integrated into an existing workflow to both test and allow for exception handling.


Poor Data Quality is one of the biggest barriers to effective business intelligence deployments. Our Data Quality services provide a complete solution to identify, define and cleanse data while monitoring data quality over time regardless of the amount or size of the data. Data de-duplication, standardization and validation enables clean and high-quality data for access, reporting and analytics. Because rules, needs and data sources change and are added continuously our data quality services are successful because they are scalable and able to address new requirements.


Project Management

Our Project Management  team uses Agile Methodology and our process is carefully structured, technically drive and customized to the individual needs of a company. Our experienced Project Managers utilize 15 minute SCRUM meetings on a daily or multiple time per week basis. SCRUM methodology is a more holistic and adaptable approach than traditional project management and is designed to prepare for the necessity of change and unpredictability that occurs in real world scenarios. SCRUM methodology provides regular direct communication about the project between team members and focuses on optimizing the team's ability to provide deliverables by enabling the team work together and adapt to solve problems and address needs. A SCRUM team typically consists of a SCRUM Master, Product Owner and Team members.


We follow best practices and start the project development process by working one on one with our clients to define project goals and create a project charter. We listen to our clients needs and identify barriers, strengths and solutions during the project planning phase. To reduce possible future confusion and workflow impediments we create and finalize a clear project definition, scope, tasks and project plan with the client.  We also take the time to educate our clients on the process of agile methodology and the time and resources needed to complete their projects. We help our clients understand that ETL implementation is essential because it enables the correction and transformation of raw data. This allows for data to processed, analyzed and interpreted so that companies can make informed business intelligence decisions. More accurate data means more effective Business Intelligence.


Platform Migration

We do a lot of platform migration projects. We have ready made components built in and have instant plans for many legacy systems as well as alternate integration platforms. Our process consists of a Business impact analysis, coming up with a clear migration path and strategy,  making sure there is no disruption to existing productions processes and go from current to historical data. We have platform migration SME's in our team who can assist our clients with clear guidance and planning. 


Production Support and Maintenance

One of the most important activities that any enterprise looks to achieve is keeping their systems running 24×7, also known as Production Support. Production support and maintenance is an essential part of business efficiency and must be run in an efficient way. At Pacific ERP we build and deploy our own high quality, performance integrated and documented ETL solutions.  We collaborate with members of the design team to architecht, build, test, and deploy an environment that supports a single and centralized version of the truth, actionable results, and flexibility for the future, performance, data quality, and data governance.


We take proactive monitoring and corrective steps to prevent issues like not meeting SLA’s (Service Level Agreements).  We also develop automated scripts and build checkpoints into the job stream to minimize our monitoring efforts. This helps to avoid wasted time and conflict caused down the line by issue resolution ticket volume.  Pacific Data develops our own standard operating procedures (SOP’s) which ensures that maintenance and support is carried out in a planned and ordered manner. Our SOP’s standardize the processes and provide instructions that enable each support team member to perform tasks consistently across the data landscape.