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Data driven analytics is becoming the key to an organization's success. Companies that utilize this information are able to serve their customers better, acquire new customers through definitive insights and stay ahead of the market and their competitors. The analytics layer can be built on top the data platform which involves advanced tools which provide complex querying and data visualization capabilities.


With the diverse number of applications used by organizations, Integration has taken an ever important place. We focus in two areas - Data integration to source data from various data repositories and locations and then loading the data into cloud platforms. In addition we help our clients with B2B Integration between diverse cloud applications including e-commerce platforms, ERP systems and Inventory management systems. 

Data Management

Essential to generate insights and the querying capability is building the right data platform. This can be built at scale using cloud based solutions cost effectively, securely and within very reasonable time frames. Some of the different use cases are Data warehouses, Big Data and Real time Analytics using streams. Everyone of these use cases have product solutions form the Big Cloud Vendors which can be used to build our data platform.


Pacific Data Platform

we focus on helping clients take their diverse sources of data and integrate them into Data Lakes and process them for consumption by the reporting layer.  The solution we provide are all enterprise class, custom built and provide performance at scale. 

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