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IT Infrastructure Project Management

Infrastructure in IT usually refers to the underlying hardware and software which are required to run the business applications. This could include servers, networking, data centers that host all the equipment as well as the base software that controls all this hardware. This could be compared to roads, bridges and public utilities in the real world.

Project management for IT infrastructure has its typical set of challenges and problems.

As you may suppose, even for infrastructure projects, the generalities of project management are still present for eg. the time, scope and budget for delivery. In addition there could be additional considerations such cost benefit analysis for either upgrading or maintaining the existing infrastructure, risks of new technology acceptance, capacity planning and scaling. Which bring into play many other factors which need to be evaluated like the technology adoption curve as determined by the specific business and the industry in general. These are some types of IT infrastructure projects -

1. Initial implementation.

2. Upgrade and maintenance.

3. Migration projects.

4. Health checks.

5. Capacity planning

6. scalability - most relevant today with cloud etc.

7. Security

8. Cost benefit analysis

9. Risk analysis

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