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Project Management for Big Data

Project Management in the world of “Big Data” is a delicate dance involving maximizing assets, anticipating and solving problems, controlling the liabilities. In these cases, an agile methodology is almost a necessity due to the constantly evolving nature of big data projects. The agile process typically consists of 15 minute “stand up” SCRUM meetings multiple times per week. The SCRUM meeting between team members and stakeholders, involves the system architecture, service integration, data analytics and reporting teams. The regular face to face or direct communication about the project between team members allows for the team to work together and adapt to solve problems and address changing needs.

It is a more flexible and holistic approach than traditional project management. Scrum utilizes the awareness that a problem cannot be fully comprehended or defined. This allows more project focus to be placed on optimizing a team's ability to provide deliverable by enabling the team to respond to emerging requirements and to adapt to constantly evolving changes.

The complexity of data and evolving nature of technology for Big data projects require agile methodology, strong Project management and and a skilled team, which goes without saying.

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