Modern Datawarehousing implementation techniques and strategies

Traditionally, data warehousing and data analytics analyzed data that was transactional, structured and from similar sources and databases. Changes in demand, volume and type of data are the driving forces behind the need to create and implement technology that is able to handle new requirements.

Some new data demands on companies these days:

  • Larger amounts of data from various data sources that must be accurately stored, processed, analyzed and interpreted.

  • An increase is the importance of data collection and analysis to identify target markets, understand customers, customers purchase behaviors and to develop more effective marketing and advertising strategies

  • The reliance on data analytics to measure the effectiveness, conversion and ROI on marketing campaigns and advertisements.

  • Technical issues that are related to handling data complexity

As amounts and type of data continue to increase, advances in data warehousing, data processing, data analytics and (BI) Business Intelligence technology are happening.

Large amounts of data require customized integration services. Pacific ERP’s level of expertise allows us the ability to solve Big Data Integration problems by creating customized system architectures and integration services. Our approach provides an easy-to-implement, highly scalable, cloud-based data warehouse for the staging, processing and integration of data. Talend is at the core of our solution to provide more effective and accurate data integration services. More accurate data means more effective Business Intelligence.

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