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Monthly Active Users (MAU)

MAU (Monthly Active Users): The number of players who have interacted with a game in a given month (30 days).

How an “active user” is defined is the key to how MAU is measured and interpreted. If a user plays a game once in the past 30 days or signs up for a subscription but does not engage in the game, is that considered an “active user”? A user who logins multiple times in a 30-day period, may be having trouble using the app and these “activities may not be creating any value.

The best way to analyze the relationship between “Active User”, MAU and revenue is to know and define what activity patterns equate to value on a game site.

MAU is important metric for calculating revenue, CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), “Stickiness” of the gaming site and more. Accurate data analytics, integration and reporting is essential for a company to stay competitive in the fast paced world of the Gaming. Pacific ERP can provide customized services to help your company have the information necessary to make informed business intelligence decisions.

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