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Understanding Demographic Analytics

Demographic Analytics provide insights into a customer or users information relating to gender, age, geographical location, affinity and more. Demographic Analytics data is collected mainly from third party web, cookies and identifiers from mobile apps. Collecting this type of information is essential to understanding who the customer is and how they are most likely to behave on your web or gaming site.

Typical Demographic Analytics focus on 5 main areas:

Age - identifies an age category of a user

Gender - identifies a user as either male or female.

Affinity Categories - identifies users in terms of lifestyle; Sports Fans, Foodies, Technophiles, Combat Gamers, Community Gamers and more.

In-Market Segments - identifies users based on their product purchase or in-app purchase interests.

Geographical Location - the geographical location, from which the user or customer is engaging a site.

Demographic Analytics can be used for target market segmentation and optimization. Dividing a user or customer base by gender can show where each gender is under or over performing. For example, if more females are playing a specific game or making specific in- app purchases, targeted market strategies can then be developed to optimize this. Another example would be if a specific age group and interest group is low on site engagement and purchases. New marketing strategies can be developed to better reach the under performing age and interest groups.

Understanding how to collect, analyze and interpret demographic analytics can significantly help a company develop successful marketing and sales strategies.

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