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Today's "Modern" Gamer

The world of Gaming is changing and the "Gamer" community is changing along with it. The average gamer is 35 years old! Yes, that's right, 35. According to the Entertainment Software Administration, not only is the average "Gamer" 35 years old but 44% of them are female and 56% of them are male. Women 18 and over represent 38% of the total game-playing population then boys 18 and under who represent 15% of the game playing population.

Using effective web analytics and knowing your company's KPI's are necessary to adapt to the constantly evolving ecosystem of the Gaming world. Understanding what female demographics play your video games, which games they play, when they play, the duration of how long they play, what games and items they purchase, what type of subscriptions they have/or do not have, what devices they use and more will help your company target the large and growing demographic of female "Gamers"

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