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The Walking Dead Season Finale and Real Time Gaming Analytics

The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale was one of the most intense season finales yet, but don't worry, No SPOILERS in this Blog. The Walking Dead is still one of the most watched series on television. Regardless of its oscillating Nielsen ratings throughout its season. According to Variety, The Walking Dead has the largest Social Media Presence of any current TV show.

Social-media analytics company Canvs measured sentiment from the final scene of the season 6 finale episode on Twitter and found that there were predominately negative reactions from viewers on Twitter.

According the Canvs, over 70% of the Twitter reactions during the closing moments of the season finale expressed feelings such as "dislike", "crazy", "upset" and "hate." "Good" accounted for only 6.4% of the reactions and "Love" was only 15.2%.

If you're a Walking Dead Fan, you are no stranger to the intensely tragic experience and intense adventures that occur to the main characters during this zombie apocalypse. So you can understand that negative sentiment isn't necessarily negative for the show itself. Walking Dead Fans also probably have some idea of how effectively the show use's social media to promote and engages it's fans. In addition to the cross promotions and engagement activities for products used in the episodes, the AMC walking dead website allows users to follow along with each episode live and participate in quizzes. These quizzes are designed to be played with the show in real time, as well as viewers have the opportunity to be a appear on TV as a high scorer. Watchers can also play and purchase walking dead video games, participate in chat rooms, communicate with t other fans and TWD cast and crew on social media platforms.

There is also an after "The Walking Dead" talk show, called "The Talking Dead". Viewers can also participate and follow along with "The Talking Dead" in real time. Viewers can answer questions and see results and scores published in real time. Watchers can tweet live questions to cast members, directors and any special guests that are on the Talking Dead talk show that day.

Comparison: Homeland vs. The Walking Dead – Key Facts

The Walking Dead has a much larger Social Media Presence than the TV show Homeland. For example, The Walking Dead has 32 Million followers vs. Homeland's 2 Million followers on Facebook. On Twitter, TWD has 3.8 Million followers vs. Homelands 175k. The Walking Dead also has a more aggressive post frequency. In the period of Sept. 22, 2015 - Oct 22, 2015, TWD posted 126 times on FB compared to Homelands 81 posts. On Twitter, TWD sent 1024 tweets and Homelands sent 355 tweets. TWD has a larger Social Media following and presence and they are continuously innovating their use of real time viewer engagement with all of their social media platforms. (

How is the Walking Dead differentiating itself from other shows via its use of social media?

1. Engaging watchers in real time games, quizzes, and results data

2. Engaging watchers in real time engagement activities with cross promoted products

3. Allowing watchers to participate and follow in real time social media involvement in each episode

4. Engaging watchers to play and purchase TWD computer/app/video games via AMC's website and social media by allowing watchers to play and read and write game reviews

5. Engaging watchers in a real time talk show and providing actual interaction between fans and the people who work on the show

6. Simply having a "Talk Show" to discuss each episode in real time.

These are just a few examples. But the secret lies in the analysis of the real time data. The Walking Dead has the largest Social Media presence of any show and it continues to grow. The Walking Dead's understanding and effective use of data analytics is creating a larger fan base. The vast amount of real time data acquired by real time viewer engagement is providing a competitive edge for the Walking Dead's ability to utilize data analytics to develop effective marketing strategies and make business intelligence decisions.

With the strength of the show, it's fans, it's analytics and The Walking Dead's social media marketing strategies, all I can say is that I can't wait to see what happens next?

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