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The Importance of Clickstream data in the Gaming Industry

Clickstream data is the recording of a user’s behavior while they are on a webpage or application. Which parts of the screen do they click on, how long they stay on a specific web page, which pages they view the most, purchasing behavior and more. Clickstream data on a Gaming site provides a wealth of insight into a user's behavior. The process of collecting, analyzing and reporting this aggregate data is called Clickstream analysis.

All Gaming companies can benefit on a multitude of channels with the insight provided by Clickstream data and analysis. Analyzing Clickstream data illustrates what pages, applications and games are effective and which ones are ignored by users. Even within a game Clickstream data provides an understanding of which parts of the game users play the most, exit from or avoid the most. This information can help game developers improve aspects of current games and also future game development. Combining the insights of Clickstream data with conversion data allows a company to identify the most effective series of steps needed to help optimize the user experience and lead to increased conversions. This insight allows a company to optimize and develop an effective sales funnel that will lead to more conversions and in-app purchases.

Consumer activities, various data sources, device types, mobile applications and different technologies are rapidly evolving. This creates large amounts of data (aka Big Data) coming from various sources which can make it a challenge to accurately collect, integrate and interpret it. Many companies lack the technology necessary to gather and process this rapidly evolving data. Pacific ERP’s expertise and modern data storage, integration, processing and reporting technologies can successfully process large amounts of data and help your company gain the insight necessary to stay competitive.

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