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Rapidly Changing User Device trends in the World of Gaming

The way people are playing their favorite video and computer games is evolving at a rapid pace. Consoles and computers have been the traditional gaming devices. In 2013, the amount of gamers who play on smartphones just about doubled. The most recent statistics from the Entertainment Software association ( states that the "Top Devices most frequently used by Gamers to play games" are as follows:

PC - 62% Game Consule - 56% Smartphone - 35% Wireless Device - 31% Dedicated Handheld system - 21% It is predicted that the amount of video games played on wireless and/or mobile devices is likely to double in 2016. Currently the types of video games that frequent gamers play on wireless and mobile devices are: 31% Social Games, 14% Puzzle/Board Game/Card Game/Game Shows and 5% Action Games.

Using an effective and accurate analtyics strategy is neccessary to track and interpret the metrics and analytics related to these rapidly increasing Gaming trends and demographics.

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