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How to measure the "Stickiness" of your Game? MAU/DAU

How Sticky is your Game? DAU/MAU

The term "Stickiness" doesn't usually evoke any positive images or sensations. But its an important metric tracked by gaming companies. The Sticky factor is something that they are actively working to improve. Basically, the stickier the better! The "Stickiness" of a game is calculated by dividing the Monthly Active Users (MAU) by Daily Active Users (DAU). For example, a Stickiness of .15 indicates that for each new player that starts playing a game, there is about a 15% chance that they will turn into a Daily Active User (DAU). DAU - Daily Active User This metric refers to the daily amount of "active" users on a site, game or app. In the world of Gaming Analytics, DAU is more than just the visitors to a site. DAU refers to visitors that engage i

n the site by playing a game, commenting or engaging in specific areas of the site. This is an important number to know when determining how many customers are engaging a site on a daily basis. MAU - Monthly Active Users Monthly Active Users indicates how many players are actively engaging the site during the month. Calculating "Stickiness" of a game indicates how many players who start to play your game become regular and daily active users. The more often a player is actively playing a game on a site, the more likely they are to spend money on a game. The higher the number of of daily and regular users on a gaming site, the higher the revenue potential.
Knowing a games "Stickiness" indicates how well a game is retaining users. This information can be used to calculate potential revenue and assist in business intelligence decisions regarding retention, marketing strategies and more.

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