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Top 5 Gaming Analytics

The typical “Gamer” demographic may surprise you. Today’s typical “Gamer” demographic is an average of 35 years old adult and is comprised of approximately 54% male and 46%. This is the demographic driving both game and in game purchasing. And they’re not just playing on their gaming consoles, they’re playing on their tablets, phones, computers and more.

So how are Gaming companies using this information to drive their business forward? Effective Gaming Analytics starts by measuring 5 basic things:

1. DAU - Daily Active Users

This refers to the daily amount of “active” users on the site or app. In Gaming analytics this metric refers to more than just visitors to your site, it refers to visitors that engage the site by playing a game, commenting, or engaging specific areas of the site. This is an important number to know when determining how many customers are actively engaging the site on a daily basis.

2. MAU – Monthly Active Users

Monthly active users indicates how many people are actively engaging the site during the month. We can divide MAU / DAU to determine what percentage of the monthly users are also regular daily users.

3. ARPDAU – Average Revenue per daily active user

This is the average amount of money spent by the people who use the site on a daily basis. Are they purchasing games? Making in game purchases? Buying subscriptions? Etc…

This is a very important metric and helps understand how the website is performing.

4. Usage – by Device

This is the type of device people are using with the site. This metric can help us understand and explore why different types of games or apps. are used on certain devices more or less than others.

5. EED – entry event distribution

EED tells us how members are entering the site and which games they are choosing to play first. This is very important information from a website functionality and marketing perspective. Knowing where exactly on your site and which games the customers are using the most is essential to developing targeted marketing and business strategies.

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