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Click Through Rate (CTR) and Gaming Analytics

When it comes to the success of any online game, the first step is to get the message that the game exists out to the game’s intended audience and target markets, which means developing Ad campaigns that create interest and results in a player clicking through to the game.

Click-Through Rate (CTR): This metric is calculated by the dividing the total number of content/ad views by the number of clicks on that content. This metric provides insight into the effectiveness and level of interest in an ad/content, which is often an advertisement within a game or the gaming site.

Game ads are commonly places in games and gaming sites. Game ads are also on the Internet, phone apps, Google ads, Facebook, Twitter and other social media and gaming platforms.

In order for an ad to have an effective CTR, it must engage, not distract or demand that a player stop playing a game to click on your ad. Video ads and ads that cater to a player’s demographics and user profile are more likely to be clicked on.

According to Facebook gaming ads had a very high CTR with an increase of over 50% in 2014 from 2013*. This CTR has decreased 9% per quarter in 2015. This decrease has been attributed to the increased amount of Game ads on Facebook saturating a user’s feed with Gaming ads leading to boredom and lack of interest as well as increased costs in Facebook advertisements.

The same issues occur in the game advertising space. Ads can be distracting and irritating for the players on the site. Too many ads and ineffective ads will not only result in a low CTR, but may result in site user attrition as well.

What is the key to developing effective Ads and Content that lead to high CTR?

The first thing is knowing who the community/brand audience is and who the target market for the game being advertised.

Gaming and Web Analytics are necessary to understand the demographics, likes, dislikes, web browsing behaviors, purchasing behaviors, geographical locations, and much more about the targeted gaming community.

Pacific ERP has the experience and technology necessary to provide accurate data analytics and customized dashboards to help your company develop effective ad strategies that will lead to increased CTR and improved business results!

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