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Providing Value From Data

We are a consulting company helping our clients with their system integration needs. Our main focus is in the areas of IT Financial Management , Sales Tax  compliance and e-commerce automation.



Experts With Experience

At Pacific Data, we offer a range of  services to businesses of all sizes. Our mission is to help businesses with cost savings and implement cutting-edge  solutions that improve their business processes, enhance productivity, drive innovation, and foster meaningful connections. 

What We Offer


IT Financial Management

The key to managing different successful IT platforms is to have an optimized life cycle management program. Effective IT asset management helps organizations make informed decisions regarding procurement, deployment, maintenance, and retirement of IT assets, leading to improved efficiency, cost savings, and risk mitigation.We help our clients with IT spend Analysis, asset management and asset disposal. Our vendor selection and negotiation team helps organizations effectively control costs, allocate resources efficiently, and maximize the value of their technology investments.

Sales Tax compliance

Sales tax is levied by various jurisdictions, including states, counties, cities, and special taxing districts. Each jurisdiction may have its own tax rates, rules, exemptions, and filing requirements. Businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions must navigate this patchwork of regulations, which can vary significantly from one location to another. We have partnered with Avalara to provide our customers a consistent and smooth experience to do the sales tax calculations, file returns and reporting, business licenses and registration as well as maintain compliance documents. 


E-Commerce Automation

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, speed is everything. Customers expect a seamless and efficient buying experience from browsing to buying, Businesses that can deliver are the ones that will come out ahead! We help our business clients automate this end to end customer journey using cutting edge integration platforms like Celigo and Dell Boomi. Our development team is specialized in Netsuite which is a an all-in-one cloud business management solution that helps organizations operate more effectively by automating core processes and providing real time visibility into operational and financial performance.

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